Everything Harry Styles Has Been Doing During His Holiday In Italy

4 August 2020, 15:02 | Updated: 4 August 2020, 15:03

Harry Styles spent a few weeks in Italy at the end of lockdown
Harry Styles spent a few weeks in Italy at the end of lockdown. Picture: Getty/ Villa Manodori/Instagram

Harry Styles has been pictured in almost every location of his Italian holiday, but what has the One Direction star been up to?

Harry Styles drove to Italy a few weeks ago for a much-needed getaway toward the end of lockdown and the One Direction star has been spotted by fans at almost every stop.

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On his way to Italy he was pictured rocking what has already become an iconic moustache, and earlier this week fans were convinced they spotted him on a tractor.

Harry Styles visited Chef Massimo Bottura on his way into Italy
Harry Styles visited Chef Massimo Bottura on his way into Italy. Picture: Massimo Bottura/Instagram

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But what has the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer really been up to in Italy?

While many fans are hopeful he’s working on his third album, some Italian residents have claimed he’s overseeing his holiday home being refurbished.

There's also speculation he could be shooting another Gucci campaign, after becoming the face of Gucci Tailoring in 2018.

If it is simply a vacation, Harry has been fully winding down, pictured eating at restaurants and chatting with the locals.

At the start of the holiday when fans first saw his new moustache, Harry spent some time with famous chef Massimo Bottura in Modena, where he was gifted a bottle of balsamic vinegar after touring the chef’s olive oil and balsamic vinegar company Villa Manodori.

He was also pictured a jogging through the streets of Rome, wearing a sports top showing off his toned arms and extensive tattoo collection.

One one evening, he was seen playing Bocce Ball, similar to Bowls, with a group of elderly people in the cobbled streets.

Despite being on a vacation in the sunny country, the ‘Adore You’ hitmaker has been happy to stop for fans on a few occasions, signing an autograph to one: “Rebecca, tutto bene? Harry,” which – ever the caring pop star – translates to, “everything okay?”

He also posed for a photo next to a fan who looked delighted to bump into the star.

Harry owns a house in Italy and drove to the sun-soaked country when lockdown restrictions were eased.

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