Harry Styles Cuts His Hair Short Ahead Of 'Don't Worry Darling' Filming

19 October 2020, 09:49 | Updated: 19 October 2020, 09:52

Harry Styles cuts his hair short
Harry Styles cuts his hair short. Picture: Getty Images

Harry Styles has short hair. That's the story.

Harry Styles has been spotted out and about in LA... and he's only gone and cut off all his hair!

The One Direction star took a picture with a fan and the internet was quick to spot his hair is short all of a sudden.

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Harry is doing a lot of filming at the moment so the short hair could be to do with his role in new movie Don't Worry Darling.

Rehearsals for the upcoming Olivia Wilde thriller were thought to have started a few weeks ago. Harry plays one of the main characters Jack in the film, alongside Hollywood stars Florence Pugh and Chris Pine.

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Harry was also filming in Italy recently with rumours that the shoot was for a music video for his song 'Golden'.

In photos taken over the weekend not only was Harry sporting shorter hair, he was also wearing a 'Save the drama for your mama' t-shirt - originally made famous by Jennifer Aniston's character Rachel in Friends.

Naturally, fans were losing it over the sight of a shorter-haired-Harry out and about in the wild...

'HE'S CUT HIS HAIR' and 'DUNKIRK HARRY' were both trending in countries around the world after the pics were posted. The latter is a reference to how the hairstyle is very similar to how Harry cut it before filming 2017 movie Dunkirk.

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