Harry Styles's Fans Confused As Ticket Company Says Shows Going Ahead Despite COVID-19 Restrictions

15 September 2020, 10:36 | Updated: 15 September 2020, 17:27

Harry Styles fans confused as concerts scheduled to go ahead
Harry Styles fans confused as concerts scheduled to go ahead. Picture: PA/Getty Images

Harry Styles fans in Australia and New Zealand have been left confused as a ticket company claimed the star's shows are going ahead despite strict worldwide coronavirus measures.

Until this week Harry Styles's 'Fine Line' concerts for later this year were still listed as going ahead in Australia and New Zealand the despite strict COVID-19 measures, leading to fans' frustration and confusion as they asked how the shows can be feasible when no more than 20 people are allowed to gather in certain places.

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As fans discussed the fact the shows in November and December hadn't yet been postponed, cancelled or rescheduled, a ticketing site, Ticketek Australia, responded to say the shows are 'proceeding as planned', much to fans' surprise.

However, on 15 September Harry cleared up fans' concerns by confirming the remaining dates for 'Love on Tour' have indeed now been postponed.

Before Harry's announcement, fans had been growing concerned about the fact his November and December dates were planned to go ahead.

One fan wrote on Twitter: "I’m expecting a reschedule but I have no idea why they’re taking forever to announce it."

The company then responded: "The Harry Styles Australia & New Zealand tour is proceeding as planned and we are excited to welcome everyone to the events in November and December."

"In the event of a cancellation, exchanges and refunds will be processed according to AU/NZ consumer law."

Ticket site confirms Harry Styles shows are going ahead this year
Ticket site confirms Harry Styles shows are going ahead this year. Picture: Twitter

This led to a flurry of messages asking how those coming from outside the country were meant to attend when a long quarantine period awaited them.

Like many other countries, Australia has localised restrictions and different measures depending on which state you are in- so those in Victoria, who have stricter rules than other parts of the country, were asking how they would be able to have their show go ahead.

Others asked how the show could be going ahead in some states if no more than 20 people are currently allowed to gather and pointed out Harry himself would have to quarantine for 14 days should he even want to visit either countries.

This caused the ticketing company to update messaging to say they were 'urgently' seeking answers and days later Harry confirmed the news they of course won't be going ahead until, hopefully, 2021.

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