Where To Read Harry Styles Fanfic Duplicity & What The Hype’s All About

13 April 2021, 17:16 | Updated: 13 April 2021, 17:17

Harry Styles' fanfic Duplicity has been trending
Harry Styles' fanfic Duplicity has been trending. Picture: Getty / Wattpad
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Duplicity is the Harry Styles fanfic fans can’t get enough of – here’s why.

Duplicity is the fanfic novel Harry Styles and One Direction superfans are talking about all over Twitter, for so many reasons.

With a dark twist that sparked a whole trending thread, Duplicity is a Wattpad novel with a lot more mystery than the likes of After.

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If the name of the story is one you keep seeing crop up on your feeds but you’re not sure what the hype’s about, we’ve got you covered.

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Duplicity is inspired by Harry Styles and One Direction
Duplicity is inspired by Harry Styles and One Direction. Picture: Getty

What is Harry Styles' fanfic Duplicty about?

The Wattpad novel follows budding photographer Aven Brooks who’s hired to take pictures of one of the biggest rock bands, Duplicity.

However, the job proves to be more than a step in her career path and she finds a darker side to the boyband, as well as falling for one of its stars, Harry Styles, who has a pretty big secret of his own.

Duplicity is the dark story of a boyband and one of its members Harry Styles
Duplicity is the dark story of a boyband and one of its members Harry Styles. Picture: Wattpad

Where to read Duplicity

Fanfiction novel Duplicity is available to read on Wattpad, all 90 chapters of it.

Wattpad is also the platform which saw the After novels soar into the spotlight, going on to become a movie franchise with four films.

What’s the twist in Duplicity?

The twist that Harry fans couldn’t stop talking about is in Chapter 90, when it emerged that the member named Harry Styles wasn’t him after all.

Instead, it was a man named Sebastian masquerading as Harry.

Right at the start of the story Aven falls for (who she thought was) Harry, so naturally this provides a big issue for her.

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Who wrote Duplicity?

Duplicity was published by a Harry fan known only by the name Julez.

She’s a diehard Harry fan with a total of five stories on Wattpad, four of which are inspired by the 'Adore You' singer.

After writing Duplicity while still in education, the author took to Twitter to thank readers for the support after the story went viral, saying “as much as the last chapters stung, we’re all in it together.”

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