You Can Now Study An Entire Harry Styles Course At University

19 July 2022, 12:19

You can now study Harry Styles at uni...
You can now study Harry Styles at uni... Picture: Getty
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Harry Styles has inspired his very own university course, here's everything we know about the upcoming class...

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Ever thought you could earn a degree in all things Harry Styles?

Well, turns out there is, in fact, a course you can study which explores everything you could possibly want to know about the One Direction star!

Texas State University in the US is opening up a course on the 'As It Was' hit-maker next spring, the module will delve into the culture of 'the modern celebrity' – who better than Harry to be a case study on stardom?

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The course is titled 'Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity: Identity, the Internet, and European Pop Culture' and will cover multiple areas of fame with the prime focus being on the 28-year-old.

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Would you study all things Harry Styles at university?
Would you study all things Harry Styles at university? Picture: Getty

It will explore internet culture, fashion, fandoms, gender, and sexuality among many other topics – talk about a heft course.

The associate professor of digital history at the university, Louie Dean Valencia, announced the Styles-centric module on July 16, explaining that it aims to help “understand the cultural and political development of the modern celebrity".

The professor wrote: "I'm teaching the world's first-ever university course on the work of #HarryStyles is happening Spring 2023 at @TXST University.

"This is what tenure looks like. Let's gooooo," he continued.

Louie dished on the class in an interview with KXAN, saying: "The way I like to describe the class is that it’s really about the history of the last 12 years or so.

The US university will start its Harry Styles course next spring
The US university will start its Harry Styles course next spring. Picture: Getty

"So, it is about Harry Styles in the same way that some classes are about the Beatles and you might take a class like that to learn about, ‘What were the ‘60s like?'," he said.

The course will give students and fans "an idea of questions around globalism, issues around gender, sexuality, race, and really trying to kind of peel apart how did we become a part of the world that we’re living in today".

The Texas State lecturer made it clear that he himself is a huge fan of Harry, unsurprisingly.

The course may be taking place across the pond, but where do we sign up?

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