Miley Cyrus' Disney Show Hannah Montana Was Almost Called Something Completely Different

14 July 2020, 13:08

Disney nearly gave Hannah Montana a different name
Disney nearly gave Miley Cyrus' show Hannah Montana a different name. Picture: PA

Disney’s Hannah Montana was nearly given a different name, meaning Miley Cyrus would've been known as someone else for years instead, but what was it going to be called?

Hannah Montana is undoubtedly one of the biggest Disney shows of our time.

Miley Cyrus’ career completely flourished after her main role as Miley Stewart and her rhyming stage name, which went on for four extremely successful seasons, and the show even had its own movie.

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It’s a bit mad to think that we could’ve known the series as something completely different!

So, what was it nearly called?

Miley Cyrus channels Hannah Montana with new hairstyle

What was Hannah Montana nearly called?

According to a number of reports, Hannah Montana was nearly named Alexis Texas.

However, that name is actually the same as an adult film star, so they wanted to avoid association with that.

They then went on to come up with a name with a similar rhyming effect with another US state, Montana.

Hannah Montana first aired in 2006
Hannah Montana first aired in 2006. Picture: PA

This change would’ve meant that Miley Stewart could’ve potentially had a different name also!

We can’t imagine Miley known as any other stage name than Hannah Montana, and we’re sure Disney fans would agree!

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