QUIZ: If You Don't Get All Of These Hannah Montana Questions Right, Did You Even Have A Childhood?

25 March 2020, 12:28

The Hannah Montana Quiz Asset

Prove you had the best of both worlds.

Picture this - it's 2006. You've just finished school, you run home and turn the TV on for one reason... 'Hannah Montana'. Fo' sho'.

The Disney Channel series lasted four incredible seasons and made Miley Cyrus the household name that she is now, so in its honour, we present to you this quiz.

> Remember Rico From 'Hannah Montana'? Well THIS Is What He Looks Like Now...

Don't be expecting no simple questions like "Who is Miley Stewart's secret identity?". This is no walk in the park, my friends...


> In The Words Of Hannah, 'Nobody's Perfect'... But Our App's Pretty Damn Close!