Gigi Hadid Posts First Selfie With Baby Girl Saying She 'Burps Sunshine'

9 November 2020, 10:22

Gigi Hadid shares first photo of baby daughter
Gigi Hadid shares first photo of baby daughter. Picture: Instagram @gigihadid

Gigi Hadid has shared her first snap on mum duty with her one month old baby girl and

Gigi Hadid has shared a selfie with her baby daughter a month after she was born, showing her millions of followers how big she's grown and making everyone weak with how adorable her little family is.

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Revealing just how much her and Zayn's little one has grown since she was born at the end of September, Gigi posted a shot of her tiny feet and body as she burps her daughter.

She captioned the adorable shot:

"She burps sunshine."

Gigi Hadid shares photo of daughter at one month
Gigi Hadid shares photo of daughter at one month. Picture: Instagram @gigihadid

We are still yet to learn what Zigi have named their baby girl, with fans speculating it could even be the fan given name 'Zigi', but we fear that may be a stretch (or not guys, feel free to put us out of our misery and let us know?!)

The pair are slowly showing more of their daughter, having also posted a snap of them all dressed up as a family for Halloween.

Zayn went as a Slytherin student from Harry Potter, Gigi as a video game character, and they decided their little girl was going to go as the actual Hulk!

Zayn and Gigi dress up with daughter on Halloween
Zayn and Gigi dress up with daughter on Halloween. Picture: Instagram @gigihadid

Fans can't get enough of the superstar duo updating them on their family antics and are seriously in their feels about Gigi being such a cute mum.

We're right there along with them and TBH we've still not actually come to terms with the fact our favourite A-lister couple have started a family.

Can someone pass us the tissues please, it's setting us off all over again.

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