Florence Pugh Joins Forces With Her Brother In Music Video Filmed At Their Family Restaurant

2 March 2023, 12:02

Florence Pugh and her brother released a song
Florence Pugh and her brother released a song. Picture: Toby Sebastian/YouTube/Getty

By Savannah Roberts

Florence Pugh and her brother Toby Sebastian have released a music video for their single 'Midnights' – and the whole project was a family effort!

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Is there anything Florence Pugh can't do?

It comes as no surprise to fans of the Don't Worry Darling star that not only is she an incredibly gifted actress but a beautiful singer too – and it seems those musical tendencies run in the family!

Florence and her brother Toby Sebastian collaborated on the jazzy tune 'Midnight' in 2021, and it's just gotten the music video treatment.

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The multi-talented siblings even filmed the duet in their family-owned restaurant 'Kazbar' in their hometown of Oxford – which adds a whole other layer of wholesomeness to the project!

The video sees Florence, 27, and Toby, 31, sing onstage together as a budding young couple dances along to their dulcet tones.

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'Midnight' was originally released in 2021
'Midnight' was originally released in 2021. Picture: Toby Sebastian/YouTube
The siblings released a stunning duet
The siblings released a stunning duet. Picture: Getty

'Midnight' is one of many singles by Sebastian –  who, like his sister is an actor as well as a singer-songwriter – but the song is the sole collaboration between them.

He spoke to Rolling Stone about how the duet came to be, he said: "We’ve always grown up collaborating as a family, which is kind of the beauty of this song, and now the video that we’ve created."

The actor-turned-musician revealed how it was nostalgic to return to Oxford to shoot the video: "We had so much fun filming in our family restaurant, a place that my sisters and I all grew up in.

“The restaurant has an amazing vibe so we knew it would be the perfect setting for the music video. We shot the whole thing with a crew and cast made up of close friends and family, so it was a lot of fun," he continued.

Toby revealed that it was in fact his mother's idea to have Florence feature on the lulling track: "When I was writing the song, I was literally walking out the door to go and do the final edit and my mum was like, 'Floss, why don’t you sing some backing vocals?'"

Impressively, the Little Women actress was able to lay down her stunning vocals in a very short time-frame, Toby told the publication: "So we jumped in the car and with no rehearsal and about 20 minutes of studio time, and Florence added her magic to the track.”

Toby Sebastian has been releasing music for a decade but you may recognise him from his work on Game of Thrones, he portrayed Trystane Martell from 2015 to 2016.

It only takes a quick YouTube search to see Florence's musical background crop up, with tonnes of compilation videos of her playing guitar and singing covers.

We can't wait to see what this talented duo work on next!

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