Fans Are In Tears Over Euphoria's Tragic Season 2 Finale

28 February 2022, 11:32 | Updated: 16 March 2022, 17:00

Euphoria's season 2 finale was quite the watch...
Euphoria's season 2 finale was quite the watch... Picture: HBO/Alamy
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Euphoria fans were heartbroken after the melodrama that ensued in the season two finale – here's how streamers reacted [spoilers ahead]!

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Euphoria has undeniably captured everyone's attention with its mega-successful second season, with the drama reaching new heights in the final episode.

The season finale arrived on streaming platforms on Sunday (February 27) – and fans have been reeling ever since.

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The tragic and turbulent episode gave fans no other choice but to take their shock (and tears) to Twitter, where they discussed the heartbreaking ending as Euphoria announced that its third season will arrive in 2024...

Of course, major spoilers are ahead – do not read if you're not caught up with all things Euphoria!

Euphoria's second season began on January 10 of this year
Euphoria's second season began on January 10 of this year. Picture: HBO

What happened in the season finale of Euphoria?

A ridiculous amount of drama unfolded in the eighth and final episode of Euphoria, storylines from Maddy and Cassie's feud to Lexi's play got some climactic air time.

But it was the tragic scenes between Fezco and Ashtray that had fans taking to Twitter and typing through their tears.

Audiences had to bid farewell to the beloved character of Ashtray, Fez's right-hand man and younger brother-esque figure.

The painful scene depicts Ash stabbing Custer in the neck after realising he is working with the police – setting a chaotic series of events into motion.

Fez's scenes were heartbreaking in Euphoria's finale
Fez's scenes were heartbreaking in Euphoria's finale. Picture: Alamy
Ashtray's character met a tragic end in season 2
Ashtray's character met a tragic end in season 2. Picture: HBO

Fez is shocked by the attack before suffocating Custer to death and destroying his phone, due to this he misses Lexi's play which is dedicated to him.

Later on, Fez begs Ash to surrender to the cops as he promises to take the blame for the murder of Custer, however, his help is refused.

Ashtray locks himself in the bathroom as he gets into a shootout with the police, Fez gets caught in the calamity and takes a bullet to the stomach before Ash receives a fatal shot to the head.

The deeply upsetting scene sees the 14-year-old character realise he is about to die and the fallout on Twitter shows that everyone was reaching for the tissues.

Euphoria fans discuss *that* heartbreaking scene online

Before long, traumatised fans were posting about the melancholic scene on social media as everyone was shocked by the sudden turn of events.

Many turned their attention to showrunner Sam Levinson, willing him to bring the fan-favourite character back to life.

One fan wrote: "Now that was some emotional damage."

Another Twitter user posted: "All Fez wanted was to go to the play."

The upset soon turned to anger with some expressing their frustration with Ashtray's decision making in the finale, a user wrote: "ASHTRAY WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT."

Fans tried to collect their emotions as they shared their heartbreak over the dearly departed character, many teary-eyed memes flooded the Twittersphere.

Hopefully, the green-lit third season of Euphoria will add clarity to the dramatic storylines that unfolded in the finale – the two-year wait begins now…

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