Why Fans Can't Stop Watching Doja Cat's Bored 'Say So' Performance

1 September 2021, 17:11

Doja Cat looks bored as she performs 'Say So' yet again
Doja Cat looks bored as she performs 'Say So' yet again. Picture: Getty/Twitter
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Fans haven't stopped talking about Doja Cat's most recent performance of 'Say So' – here's why!

How could we all forget the mega-hit that was 'Say So'... well it seems like Doja Cat would like to!

A hilarious video is making the rounds online of the 25-year-old songstress giving a new performance of the TikTok hit.

Let's just say that Doja looks a little unimpressed to be singing the infamous song for the thousandth time!

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Here's why fans are cracking up at the playful video...

'Say So' is one of Doja Cat's most successful songs
'Say So' is one of Doja Cat's most successful songs. Picture: Doja Cat/Instagram

'Say So' was the bop that propelled Miss Doja to mega-stardom at the beginning of 2020.

The song grew even more successful throughout lockdown after it captivated the TikTok audience and ti even took on a life of it's own with its very own viral dance trend – the track was undoubtedly the song of the summer.

Due to its insane popularity, Doja got used to performing the track again and again... and again.

It seems the rapper has grown a little tired of the repetitive cycle and we don't blame her!

Doja Cat is known for her show-stopping performances, but her most latest rendition of the record-smashing song lacked her usual wow-factor...

The clip shows the hit-maker singing the iconic chorus but her facial expressions do all the talking.

The 'Need To Know' songwriter also did the typical TikTok dance... but without its usual lustre. Fans couldn't help but be obsessed with the viral video with many commenting on how hilarious it was.

Doja Cat gives yet another 'Say So' performance
Doja Cat gives yet another 'Say So' performance. Picture: Getty

One Twitter user wrote: "When your label makes you perform your only hit for two years straight."

Another fan posted: "She hates this dance now did anyone else catch the eye roll?"

"I feel her, and she's so tired she ain't even put any effort into the dancing either! Just when we thought she was free from say so."

We can't wait for Doja to get to perform more hits from her third studio album, 'Planet Her' that was released in June.

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