Doja Cat Includes Girl Who Invented ‘Say So’ Viral TikTok Dance In Her Music Video & Fans Are Loving It

28 February 2020, 16:10

Doja Cat featured the TikTok user who created the viral choreography to 'Say So' in the visuals
Doja Cat featured the TikTok user who created the viral choreography to 'Say So' in the visuals. Picture: Getty/TikTok

Doja Cat has paid homage to the TikTok user - @yodellinghaley - who helped her song 'Say So' go viral on the app, by putting her in the official music video.

Doja Cat has given recognition to the girl who made her track ‘Say So’ go viral on TikTok by including her in the official music video, along with the choreography she made up.

The user, @yodellinghaley - real name Haley Sharpe, created a dance to the star’s new bop and posted a video on the app and it completely popped off!

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Haley took to social media to announce she would be making a cameo in the visuals, writing: “Guys! Guess where you’ll be seeing me tomorrow!

“Tune in to @dojacat’s youtube channel at 10am ET tomorrow to watch the premiere of say so!”

The American high school student even shared a special message on Instagram, thanking the ‘Juicy’ hitmaker for the opportunity.

She wrote: "WOW!! thank you SO MUCH @dojacat for having me in the Say So music video. you’re amazing!! this is unreal and it was just such a dream AAH [heart emojis] (for everyone asking, i didn’t pet the tiger).”

Fans were praising Doja Cat for including Haley in the clip, with one tweeting: "DOJA CAT DOING SAY SO’S TIKTOK DANCE AND INCLUDING THE GIRL WHO CREATED IT IN THE MV IS SO MFING CUTE.”

“This is the cutest thing ever, doja cat included the girl who invented the dance (yodelinghaley on tiktok) in her music video,” added another.

Doja Cat - Say So (Official Video)

A third penned: "I love how doja cat incorporated the tiktokchoreo in say so mv. It’s like she’s giving her thanks to all those people who made the trend. QUEEN [sic].”

Haley is now a verified TikTok user and has shared many viral dances and challenges on the app with her 1.2million followers.

‘Say So’ is part of Doja Cat’s second studio album, ‘Hot Pink’, which was released on November 7.

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