New Coronavirus Rules Could See 10pm Curfew Introduced

16 September 2020, 13:05

10pm curfews could be introduced to curb the increase in coronavirus cases
10pm curfews could be introduced to curb the increase in coronavirus cases. Picture: Getty / PA

A curfew could be introduced as part of the next step in curbing the rise in coronavirus cases.

After the government introduced the ‘rule of six’ in a bid to battle the recent increase in new coronavirus cases, rules are also being introduced for pubs and restaurants to aid the NHS Track and Trace system.

And it’s since been reported that there could be more changes on the way.

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Brits could face ‘tougher restrictions’ in the next few weeks if the rate of new daily cases doesn’t begin to slow.

Londoners could be the first to face a 10pm curfew
Londoners could be the first to face a 10pm curfew. Picture: Getty

One of the changes could see a 10pm curfew introduced for the public and pubs could shut early, in order to avoid a second wave.

A public health chief has already appealed to Londoners to “pull together” to limit the surge in cases.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Professor Kevin Fenton said: “Before we get to that stage [lockdown] there are many other things that you can do in order to help to reduce the risk of transmission and contain your outbreak.

“In some areas which have seen resurgence there have been limits placed on the amount of time you can spend socialising. In some it might be local curfews so you’re not out drinking until the wee hours of the morning.”

A national lockdown is also not ruled out.

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A scientific advisor told The Spectator: “Lockdown is the only thing that we know works, to be frank.

“I think that if we want to keep schools open, we probably have to give serious consideration to a wide range of other measures to stop a major second wave. And we have to think about doing that right now – which we are starting to do.”

The member of Sage added: “My big worry now is that we might be too late again to avert a major second wave. If we wait for deaths to go up again before taking decisive action we will be in trouble again.”

A member of the government also said the time frame for assessing whether the ‘rule of six’ has done enough to suppress the virus is a fortnight.

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