Charlie Puth Once Tweeted Harry Styles's Location & Caused Fans To Mob Him

25 September 2020, 11:54

Charlie Puth once revealed Harry Styles's location and got him mobbed
Charlie Puth once revealed Harry Styles's location and got him mobbed. Picture: Getty Images/ Instagram @charlieputh

Charlie Puth once tweeted Harry Styles's location and caused the singer to get mobbed outside a restaurant and we think it's our favourite anecdote we've ever heard.

Charlie Puth has recounted the first time he ever got starstruck seeing Harry Styles in a restaurant, tweeting his excitement and revealing the One Direction star's location and causing him to get mobbed in the most hilarious slip up we've ever heard.

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Speaking to GQ, Charlie recounted an earlier time in his career in 2014, when he was eating in the same sushi restaurant as the 1D singer and tweeted about it.

He posted: "So cool, I’m in LA, I signed my deal and now I see Harry Styles at dinner!"

The 28-year-old explained: "[I was] thinking that nothing would happen, then suddenly 15 people were outside the restaurant waiting for him."

"I was really embarrassed, he cheekily followed me after as a kind of 'F you'."

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There's honestly nothing better than a celeb embarrassing themselves in front of another celebrity, and the 'Girlfriend' singer's story is up there with the best, especially because of the passive aggressive follow from Mr. Styles after the whole event.

But, we know all is well between the pair, who posed together not one year later at the Billboard Music Awards and we would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that first encounter post-sushi mobbing.

These days, Charlie is considered as much of a heartthrob and talented artist as the British superstar, so as embarrassing slip ups go, we'd say he got out of this one pretty well- and who knows, maybe they'll even collab one day?!

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