Are Jeffree Star And Tati Westbrook Feuding? Fans Speculate Bloggers Are ‘Rifting’ Over Product Launch Dates

30 October 2019, 12:26

Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook are launching products around the same time
Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook are launching products around the same time. Picture: Jeffree Star/Instagram / Tati Westbrook/Instagram

Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook have fans convinced they’re feuding.

Months after YouTuber James Charles’ epic fallout with Tati Westbrook, it looks like internet stars are at war once again after Jeffree Star unfollowed Tati on Instagram.

Tati and Jeffree are thought to have been close friends, so this cryptic move certainly says a lot.

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While there are plenty of theories over their rumoured fallout on social media, most of them reckon it’s do with the fact Tati has launched her first ever palette around the same time Jeffree’s collaboration with Shane Dawson, Conspiracy, is set to drop.

Jeffree X Shane’s hotly-anticipated makeup line will be released on 1 November, a week after Tati’s eyeshadow palette came out on 25 October.

While neither of the bloggers have addressed their feud, they’re also yet to publicly congratulate one another on their latest launches – something big time bloggers tend to do in support of each other.

Fans are now speculating the reason behind the rift, with many guessing it’s down to the fact the timing of their product launches means they’ll be competing for Christmas sales.

Many are also deconstructing everything Tati has been saying, searching for the shade in all her tweets.

Tati Westbrook dropped her eyeshadow palette on 25 October
Tati Westbrook dropped her eyeshadow palette on 25 October. Picture: Tati Westbrook/Instagram

When she tweeted in support of YouTuber Manny MUA who filmed a review on Tati’s eyeshadow palette, she wrote: “So grateful you would review my shadow – especially when you just launched a beautiful collection of your own… pretty damn selfless and I’m kinda blown away!”

Her followers then picked up on this, with one speculating: “I could've sworn tati wasn't too happy with jeffree and shane for having their collab so close to hers but has no problem with manny??? [sic].”

And when one person quizzed why she would associate herself with Manny, Tati replied: “He's supporting me & I appreciate the hell out of it! We respect each other but aren't super close, so the fact the he's supporting my launch means the world! It's been a lonely year & I'm super grateful.”

Some are also claiming Jeffree has been blocking anyone supporting Tati.

Whether Jeffree and Tati are feuding or not, the makeup artist may have ignited another rift elsewhere in the meantime after branding blogger Michelle Dy’s beauty line “trash”.

One fan tagged him in a comment which said: “I want Jeffree Star to do a honest review of Michelle Dy’s makeup basics…” and Jeffree hit back: “I don’t have time to review trash on my channel!”

Jeffree is known for his sarcastic comebacks, but these two have had beef in the past when Star accused Michelle of copying his now-trademarked phrase “Jeffrree Star Approved” when she launched a video series called “MD Approved” – something she later issued an apology for.

The beauty bloggersphere drama is never ending!

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