James Charles Denies ‘Saying N Word Twice’ In Instagram Video: ‘How Stupid Would I Have To Be?’

2 January 2020, 15:03

James Charles is shutting down accusations he said the n word more than once in an Instagram Stories video.

Makeup YouTuber James Charles posted a video of himself partying with his pals on New Year’s Eve, as they sang along to Saweetie’s ‘My Type’.

In the clip it looked like the 20 year old said the n word twice, leading to the hashtag #JamesCharlesIsOverParty trending on Twitter.

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But James has insisted he would never “be stupid” enough to do so, as well as keeping the video up the following morning.

James Charles responded to claims he 'said the n word'
James Charles responded to claims he 'said the n word'. Picture: James Charles/Twitter

When one fan questioned the social media star on Twitter as to whether he actually said it, James hit back: “No? Turn up the volume and listen, I skip over it.”

He added: “How stupid would I have to be to confidently record a video of me singing the n word and still have it up the next morning.”

James’ apology divided his fans, with one person claiming: “I can literally hear your voice.”

However, one weighed in: “The video is up on youtube as well. watch the video with a 0.5 speed and you'll see that he doesn't even mouth the n word.”

Many also advised the YouTube star to delete the video anyway.

Before enjoying the New Year celebrations, James took to Twitter to warn his fans not to drink and drive, offering to pay for fans’ taxis if they couldn’t afford to get home.

He wrote to his 4.5 million followers: “It is fine to get lit tonight & celebrate, but DO NOT f*****g DARE put lives in danger by getting behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking.

“Call an Uber or Lyft. If you can’t afford it, tweet me & I’ll call for you. NO EXCUSES. Don’t take away someone’s 2020 before it begins.”

And when one fan took him up on his offer, James replied with his details meaning they got home safe and sound.

The fan later shared an update, saying: “Update: i got home an hour ago and fell asleep very sound, ty mr.charles.”

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