WATCH: Harry Styles Conducts Pregnant Fan’s Gender Reveal And We Can’t Stop Watching The Video

30 September 2021, 15:46

Harry Styles opened a pregnant fan's baby gender results
Harry Styles opened a pregnant fan's baby gender results. Picture: Getty
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Just when you thought Harry Styles couldn’t get any cuter….

Harry Styles is giving us the content we never knew we needed on Love on Tour, and this week he took the audience's excitement to another level after noticing a fan in the crowd asked him to open her baby’s gender results.

Bringing her friend along the women wrote over their two signs: “I’m having a baby please make it your business… and open these gender results.”

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Harry took his time to open the envelope, keeping the thousands of fans in Nashville on their toes, before holding the slip of paper in the air and announcing: “A little baby girl.”

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Harry Styles' tour has been everything fans wanted and more
Harry Styles' tour has been everything fans wanted and more. Picture: Getty

He then fell to his knees fake-crying and joked: “That’s what I wanted, is that what you wanted?”

Haz even spoke to the expectant fan’s husband on the phone to share the happy news with him.

We’ve been reading fans’ reactions on Twitter through teary eyes ever since, and the responses are just as wholesome.

“Stop aw that’s so cute,” one person replied.

Harry Styles is on Love on Tour
Harry Styles is on Love on Tour. Picture: Getty

“Her sign was so cute and clever,” commented another.

“That was the sweetest,” tweeted a third fan.

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That’s not the only heartfelt moment to come from Harry’s tour this week, after he helped one fan’s proposal during one of his shows after noticing her sign which read: “Convince my boyfriend to propose.”

He also gave another fan dating advice after reading her sign: “Should I text him?”

Harry has months of tour dates ahead and all we can say is thank you for keeping us fed.

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