Where You Can Get A BTS Meal At McDonald’s & When It'll Be Available

26 May 2021, 09:41

McDonald's tease The BTS Meal on Tik Tok

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McDonald’s is launching a BTS meal as the K-Pop group continue to take over the world – but there’s a catch for UK fans.

The McDonald’s BTS Meal, a meal in partnership with the Korean boyband who continue to soar beyond superstardom, is finally becoming available around the world.

From 26 May, when the meal becomes available in the US, Canada, Australia, and loads more countries, fans can get their hands on the golden box of goodness, which is the fast food chain's third celebrity collaboration.

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However, fans in the UK and Ireland are wondering why their countries are not on the list and to say they’re disappointed would be the understatement of the year.

McDonald's have teamed up with BTS
McDonald's have teamed up with BTS. Picture: Getty

McDonald’s UK Twitter account was quick to clarify the BTS promotion isn’t available this side of the globe when it was announced, so please excuse us while we sob into our Happy Meal.

However, for those lucky enough to be in the countries where the meal will be available, here’s where and when you’ll be able to get it.

When is McDonald’s BTS meal available?

McDonald’s special BTS-inspired meal will be available from the end of May in most countries, with some locations having to wait until June for the treat.

It arrived in the US first (the lucky devils) on 26 May, while those in Indonesia will be able to order it from 25 June.

Where can I get a BTS McDonald’s?

Here’s McDonald’s complete list of around 50 countries where the BTS meal will be available:

BTS' McDonald's meal will be available at almost 50 countries
BTS' McDonald's meal will be available at almost 50 countries. Picture: McDonald's

It seems some our European siblings aren’t involved in the promotion either so at least we can share our FOMO.

What’s in the BTS McDonald’s meal?

The BTS Meal will consist of “the superstar band’s signature order”, including 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries and Coke.

There will also be a debut of two dipping sauces, sweet chilli and cajun flavours inspired by McDonald’s South Korea recipes.

McDonald’s team-up with BTS follows the success of its meals with J Balvin and Travis Scott.

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