Britney Spears Appears To Support #FreeBritney Movement

4 September 2020, 13:18

Britney Spears is endorsing the #FreeBritney movement
Britney Spears is endorsing the #FreeBritney movement. Picture: Getty

Britney Spears is reportedly endorsing the #FreeBritney movement herself, in new court filings.

Britney Spears is currently seeking a number of changes to her conservatorship, where her father Jamie has been her court-appointed guardian for most of the time since her public breakdown in 2008.

The ‘Baby’ singer is now trying to remove her father from the role, arguing the public has a right to know what is happening behind the scenes.

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In a court filing on Thursday, Britney’s lawyer said: “The world is watching.”

Britney Spears has caused fans to become concerned for her wellbeing in recent months
Britney Spears has caused fans to become concerned for her wellbeing in recent months. Picture: Getty

It comes as Britney’s dad tried to seal a recent filing in the case, which Britney, 38, is “vehemently opposed to.”

Her lawyer Samuel Ingham III said the mum-of-two is: “vehemently opposed to this effort by her father to keep her legal struggle hidden away in the closet as a family secret”.

Britney and her team also seemed to back the #FreeBritney movement which has swept social media over the past few months.

The movement has seen fans petitioning the White House for an end to Britney’s conservatorship, which is a where a person is deemed unable to make their own decisions on aspects including finances and daily life and is given a guardian by the court.

Supporters fear Britney's current conservatorship means she is having her finances stolen or is being held against her will.

Britney Spears' fans often protest outside her court hearings
Britney Spears' fans often protest outside her court hearings. Picture: Getty

Supporters are often outside of the court hearings holding placards reading: “Freedom for Britney 2020.”

Her lawyer wrote: “At this point in her life when she is trying to regain some measure of personal autonomy, Britney welcomes and appreciates the informed support of her many fans.”

After Britney’s dad previously branded supporters of the movement ‘conspiracy theorists’, the singer’s lawyer said it’s “far from” being a joke.

A hearing on the conservatorship is scheduled for October.

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