WATCH: Britney Spears's Real Low Singing Voice Has People Shook

16 July 2020, 15:00

Britney Spears’s low singing voice from Disney days is shocking people

Britney Spears singing in her 'real' low singing voice whilst performing on Disney as a child is shocking people amid the 'Free Britney' scandal going round the internet.

Britney Spears singing back in her Disney days is circulating online and people can't believe how much lower her voice is compared with her signature 'baby voice' everyone associates the pop star with.

Save Britney Explained: Why ‘Free Britney Spears’ Is Trending

Fans shocked to hear Britney Spears's real singing voice is much lower
Fans shocked to hear Britney Spears's real singing voice is much lower. Picture: Getty Images/ Disney

The video, which shows her dancing alongside fellow Disney star Justin Timberlake reveals the singer sounding like herself- but with a much deeper voice.

The 38-year-old has been the talking point of the internet lately as thousands join the #FreeBritney and #SaveBritney campaign and even sign petitions to try and 'free' the 'Stronger' singer from 'every aspect of her life and career have being controlled.'

The video is being used as 'proof' her career and her image 'infantilised' to clearly separate her from fellow star Christina Aguilera with fans reasoning this is why she often mimes during live shows- as her voice does not naturally sound so high.

There have been endless threads, screen grabs and TikTok's laying out a case to get Britney 'freed' from the legal conservatorship she's under by her father (until 2019) and a legal representative since 2008 after she suffered a breakdown.

This means all her financial and medical affairs have been handled by her father and a legal representative, and a conservatorship is usually appointed for someone who is older and vulnerable, for example, someone with dementia.

The #FreeBritney or #SaveBritney hashtags came about as a means to allow the star to be free of this 'unnecessary' guardianship, with claims she can’t do a number of day-to-day things without 'permission'.

Fans have even been asking the singer for 'signals' she's asking for help, such as wearing a certain colour, and many think they have the proof they need to know the star is 'trapped'.

Britney however, has not directly commented on any of this, and it very much remains speculation.

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