A Book On How To Be More Like Lizzo Is Here & It’s Just What We Need

27 May 2021, 16:24

A Lizzo fan made a book inspired by the pop star
A Lizzo fan made a book inspired by the pop star. Picture: Getty / Harper Collins
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A Lizzo fan penned a book all about how we can live ‘the Lizzo Way’, and why didn’t we think of this sooner!?

Lizzo is an International beacon of joy – with her carefree attitude and candid approach to mental health, the ‘Truth Hurts’ singer has amassed millions of fans thanks to her honest lyrics and self-loving outlook.

After being the kind of ultimate inspiration all pop stars should take note of, a Lizzo fan decided to write a book all about how we can be a bit more Lizzo.

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Titled Live the Lizzo Way, author and Lizzo superfan Natty Kasamba said she wrote the book after it started as “a cool challenge” in summer 2020 but progressed with it as a book when it “morphed into something far more than that.”

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Everyone needs a bit more Lizzo in their lives
Everyone needs a bit more Lizzo in their lives. Picture: Getty

She said on Twitter: “Guys I wrote a gift book last summer that’s out in the world tomorrow! [27 May] it’s a fun lil illustrated gen z self-help book inspired by lizzo, published via the publishing goats @harpercollins… Emotional to see my name printed on something so permanent.”

“This commission started out as a cool challenge but by the end morphed into something far more than that for me.

“Really tried to create the kind of book I needed as a kid, grappling with issues of body-confidence, love of self and others, individuality and mental health.”

Natty added that, “if it helps even one young buck, that’s dream job done.”

Lizzo is an international icon
Lizzo is an international icon. Picture: Getty

The chapters cover advice on empowering readers, including self-confidence and heartbreak sections.

There’s also a chapter on finding power in our emotions.

“Live the Lizzo way will arm readers with the tips and tricks to empower them to be fearless and loving – and to feel beautiful inside and out,” the description reads.

There’s no such thing as too much Lizzo in our lives, and here’s the proof.

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