Lizzo Just Had To Remind Her TikTok Followers She’s An International Music Icon

18 May 2021, 19:33

Lizzo had to remind fans she's more than a TikTok icon
Lizzo had to remind fans she's more than a TikTok icon. Picture: Getty
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By Capital FM

Lizzo’s TikTok has blown up so much she’s had to inform new fans all about her global superstardom and, seriously, where have these people hiding!?

Lizzo’s TikTok’s are just as hilarious, natural and relatable as her music, but for new fans who have only just discovered her through the app she’s had to remind them she’s a chart-topping icon.

After a fan commented: “Lizzo I sometimes forget you’re a singer because of these TikTos,” the three-time Grammy Award winner said: “Let me remind you.”

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She went on to share a montage clips from some of her concerts – which, if you haven’t been lucky enough to witness we advise you set up alerts for her next tour immediately.

Lizzo has three Grammys to her name
Lizzo has three Grammys to her name. Picture: Getty

“The queen has entered the room,” one Lizzo fan accurately replied.

“This whole compilation has me covered in chills,” commented another, and same.

Lizzo also reminded fans of ‘Sasha Flute’, the flute she brings pretty much everywhere with her – even on tour.

The ‘Truth Hurts’ singer is a sensational flutist as well as singer and overall performer, but after this past year she can add iconic TikTok creator to her list of talents.

From recipes to skin care routines, Lizzo’s content on the app ticks every box.

And for those who need the occasional reminder of her stage presence, a few dancing videos also fill her posting schedule.

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