WATCH: Billie Eilish Explains Why She Keeps Her Relationships Private

1 September 2020, 08:32

Billie Eilish speaks about keeping her relationships private

Billie Eilish opened up about why it's so important to her that she keeps all of her future relationships private.

Billie Eilish is very open and frank whenever she talks - her music is very personal, and she's even gone as openly criticising body shamers during an interlude at her concert.

However, there's one part of her life that you won't tend to see on her social media or in the news; her relationships.

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Billie Eilish caught up with Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp
Billie Eilish caught up with Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp. Picture: Capital

Speaking to Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, the 'my future' singer said how important it was to her that she keep her persona relationships private.

"I definitely want to keep [relationships] private. I've had relationships and kept them private, and even the ones that I've had; with the tiny amount that I've let the world see, I regret," said Billie.

"I think about the people that have made their relationships public, and then they break up, and it's like 'What if it goes bad?'"

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Billie later expressed that one of the reasons she didn't want to make her future relationships public was because she was concerned that everyone would have an opinion on it.

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