Billie Eilish Recalls "Punishing" Moments Of Creating 'Hit Me Hard And Soft'

10 June 2024, 11:52 | Updated: 11 June 2024, 08:44

Billie told Capital which song was the turning point for 'Hit Me Hard And Soft'
Billie told Capital which song was the turning point for 'Hit Me Hard And Soft'. Picture: Capital/Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

Billie Eilish opened up about the 'scary' moments she and her brother Finneas faced whilst creating the album 'Hit Me Hard And Soft' and revealed their song 'The Greatest' changed it all...

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Celebrating the release of her third studio album, 'Hit Me Hard And Soft', Billie Eilish joined Capital Breakfast presenter Jordan North to unpack her latest project.

When asked if she enjoyed making the album, Billie admitted: "Finneas and I really went through it with this album.

"And after a while of not enjoying it we then enjoyed it."

Billie explained, saying: "We were so uninspired for so long, and not on the same frequency, the two of us as siblings... that was really stressful and that was honestly a scary period of time."

The 'Lunch' singer said that time was "very punishing and not enjoyable". Most of this was down to her brother Finneas falling out of love with the creating process.

Billie Eilish said: 'Finneas and I really went through it with this album'
Billie Eilish said: 'Finneas and I really went through it with this album'. Picture: Capital

Billie said that at one point her brother was really vulnerable with her and said that he didn't want to do it anymore, which "really scared" her.

"I had always been the one who didn't like making music and he had always been the one that loved it and had so much passion, I always relied on that," she said.

Talking about her's and Finneas' closeness she described him as her 'conscious', "he's always thinking for me in a kind of way, trying to help me through my poor choices in life," she said.

But what was the turning point?

Billie Eilish's Very London Lunch | 'Hit Me Hard and Soft' Interview | Capital

Ultimately, creating the sixth track on the album, 'The Greatest', was when Billie and Finneas were able to get themselves out of that 'punishing period' whilst creating the album.

"There were moments along the way that kind of brought that confidence up, like when we wrote 'Skinny' which was the first song we wrote in its entirety.

"Then we wrote 'What Was I Made For?' which opened a door for honestly and creativity. And then the main moment was when we wrote a song called 'The Greatest'," Billie shared.

On how that song steered the writing process she said: "That opened the door to vulnerability and allowing ourselves to really just be honest and create the rest of the album.

"As soon as we made 'The Greatest', I think that's when we started to have a lot of fun."

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