Ariana Grande’s Involvement In Musical In The Heights Explained

8 June 2021, 16:48 | Updated: 8 June 2021, 16:59

Dreams and musical adventure to come in trailer for 'In The Heights'

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Is Ariana Grande appearing in the In The Heights movie? Here’s why she was featured in the movie’s trailer.

Ariana Grande is a queen of all things related to music, which she’s proved with her iconic discography over the years.

Not to mention - the ‘7 rings’ songstress also kicked off her career as Cat Valentine in Nickelodeon’s Victorious, which was a show based on characters attending a performing arts school.

So, it’s no surprise she was included in the trailer for the upcoming musical movie, In The Heights - which is a film based on the stage musical by the same name by Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda and Hudes.

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However, fans have been wondering if this means she’ll be making an appearance in the film.

We’ve got the lowdown on why Ari was featured in the trailer for In The Heights.

Ariana Grande revealed she is a fan of In The Heights
Ariana Grande revealed she is a fan of In The Heights. Picture: @arianagrande/Instagram

Why does Ariana Grande appear in the In The Heights trailer?

Despite some rumours which have been circulating online, Ari isn’t part of the cast for In The Heights.

To clear up the confusion, it seems the songstress, who recently married Dalton Gamez, appears in the teaser trailer clip purely due to her love for musicals.

In the trailer, she can be seen praising the production, saying: “It’s so beautiful, it couldn’t have been more brilliantly done. I can’t wait to see it again and I need the soundtrack - yeah, quickly.”

Ari pretty much clears up her involvement with the movie in the clip, sharing that she’s a huge fan of it!

Ariana Grande - “In The Heights” (the movie)

Ariana Grande isn't part of the In The Heights cast
Ariana Grande isn't part of the In The Heights cast. Picture: Getty

Also, in an interview with this publication, the movie’s actress Leslie Grace reveals she was so excited when she heard Ari had watched their film, saying: “Jon [Chu] came in [to the group chat] with the biggest flex the other night, showing us a video of Ariana Grande saying she watched our movie. It was nuts.

“He was like, ‘Yeah, I just had a friend here who wanted to say something.’ It’s Ariana Grande saying how much she enjoyed our movie.” 

Meanwhile, for those Ari fans out there who are dying to see the star get back into acting, she is set to be appearing in her first non-musical role in Don’t Look Upwhich she’ll star in alongside starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence.

It’s also been heavily rumoured that she could be playing Magara in a live-action remake of Disney’s Hercules - which was thought following the cover-up of her famous tattoos and the speculation that her recent purple outfits were paying tribute to the iconic character.

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