Are Adele And Skepta Dating? From Dates To Extravagant Birthday Presents – Inside Their Rumoured Relationship

13 July 2021, 17:22

Skepta and Adele are rumoured to be dating
Skepta and Adele are rumoured to be dating. Picture: Getty
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Adele and Skepta are said to have been growing close in their relationship for over a year, after being friends throughout their careers. So are Adele and Skepta dating? When did they get together?

Adele, 33, is known for keeping her private life out of the spotlight, but occasionally there are reports about her rumoured relationship with rapper Skepta, 38 – one of which being she bought her ‘boyfriend’ a £16,000 chain.

Both Adele and Skepta grew up in the same area and have frequently publicly praised each other’s careers and supported one another on social media.

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After Adele split from husband Simon Kinecki in 2019, Adele and Skepta are said to have taken their romance to the next level and have been spotted on dates on a few occasions over the past year, but their relationship apparently isn’t ‘official’ just yet.

So are Adele and Skepta dating and when did they get together? Here’s the lowdown on their rumoured relationship...

Are Adele and Skepta dating?

Adele and Skepta have apparently turned their friendship into romance
Adele and Skepta have apparently turned their friendship into romance. Picture: Getty

Rumours Adele and Skepta are dating have been rife since 2019, a few months after Adele split from ex-husband Simon, whom she shares son Angelo, eight, with.

The notoriously private couple will likely keep fans guessing over whether they’re actually together, but the fact they’ve been spotted on dates together on multiple occasions is a pretty big giveaway.

Adele and Skepta are spotted shopping together

Skepta was joined by Adele for a shopping trip in LA
Skepta was joined by Adele for a shopping trip in LA. Picture: Getty

Skepta paid a visit to Adele in LA over the weekend of 10 July, with insiders revealing they went shopping at a Prada discount store, picking out clothes for the rapper.

A fellow shopper told Page Six: "She was sitting watching him while he was picking sweaters, pants, trying on jackets and coats and having the employees help him. 

"She was giving him feedback and saying what she thought he looked great in.

"It was cute that just waiting and being a normal girlfriend while he looked. He must have shopped for 45 minutes."

When did Adele and Skepta start dating?

It was reported in October 2019 Adele and Skepta had started dating after taking their years of friendship to a romantic level.

Relationship rumours were ignited when the couple were seen together at James Corden’s birthday party last year at the Crystal Maze Experience.

And in September this year they were seen at OTHERWORLD in Haggerston, East London, where they were joined by Jammer, an MC part of Skepta’s collective Boy Better Know.

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Adele buys Skepta ‘£16,000 chain’ for his birthday

Adele apparently bought Skepta a £16,000 chain
Adele apparently bought Skepta a £16,000 chain. Picture: Getty

To mark Skepta’s birthday, Adele apparently gifted him a gold chain.

A source told the Mirror: “Adele and Skepta have grown close in recent months and have been seeing a lot of each other.

“She’s been in England, and she gave him a beautiful gold chain for his birthday.

“He was showing friends the chain and seemed pretty hyped about it. While they’re not officially in a relationship, they are very close.”

How did Skepta and Adele meet?

Adele and Skepta are from the same hometown of Tottenham in North London and their careers took off around the same time.

While it's not known how they actually met, it's thought they ran in the same circles during the early days of their respective careers in Tottenham.

They have been close friends for many years and in 2016 Skepta told ES Magazine: “Adele texts me all the time and keeps me in check. She speaks to me about how things are going.”

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