AJ Pritchard's Girlfriend Abbie Quinnen Suffers Major Burns During YouTube Tutorial

22 March 2021, 15:25

AJ Pritchard's girlfriend Abbie Quinnen suffers serious burns
AJ Pritchard's girlfriend Abbie Quinnen suffers serious burns. Picture: Instagram @abbiequinnen

Abbie Quinnen, the girlfriend of AJ Pritchard, has suffered serious burns after a YouTube stunt went wrong and saw her hospitalised.

Abbie Quinnen, a professional dancer, has suffered massive burns in a YouTube stunt gone 'terribly' wrong as she posts for the first time since the accident, urging people to be careful with anything they are trying to copy online.

Inside AJ Pritchard's Relationship With Dancer Girlfriend Abbie Quinnen

AJ Pritchard was with Abbie at the time of her accident
AJ Pritchard was with Abbie at the time of her accident. Picture: Instagram @abbiequinnen

The girlfriend of Strictly star, AJ Pritchard took to Instagram to detail the fact she has been in a serious accident, suffering major burns while following a YouTube tutorial trying to make a vase from a glass bottle which went 'terribly wrong.'

Abbie, 23, said: "Unfortunately I have had an accident."

"Whilst we were attempting to create a glass bottle into a vase from following a YouTube tutorial, it went terribly wrong and it resulted in me incurring injuries & burns requiring continuous hospital treatment over the past 7 weeks."

"I really need you all to be so careful with what you're doing & if you are copying any YouTube videos."

"I will be ok! I love you al!"

It is said she had to undergo three skin grafts, and has made 20 trips to the hospital since the accident.

A source told this publication both AJ and brother, Curtis, were with her at the time of the accident which saw Abbie catch on fire.

The process they were trying to re-create involves dipping a rope in a flammable chemical, wrapping it around the bottle and lighting a flame to it.

"Abbie was shocked and in a great deal of pain but AJ sprang into action to put out the fire with a wet tea towel."

"He was terrified himself but he did all he could to stop her from burning."

The famous brothers drove her to hospital where she was treated.

We're so sorry to hear what has happened to Abbie and wish her a speedy recovery back to health.

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