The Best Internet Reactions To Zayn & Gigi's Baby Girl Being Born

24 September 2020, 14:00 | Updated: 2 October 2020, 22:05

The internet's iconic reactions to Zayn and Gigi's daughter being born
The internet's iconic reactions to Zayn and Gigi's daughter being born. Picture: Instagram @zayn @gigihadid

Baby Zigi has officially been welcome to the world, and she's already made Louis Tomlinson rear his head on Zayn's social media, nothing more needs to be said.

It's happened, Zayn and Gigi's baby girl has finally been born and the two announced her arrival to the world with the sweetest Instagram posts we could ever have imagined.

We don't yet know a name, so for now we'll carry on discussing amongst ourselves, but fans have gone into meltdown about baby Zigi's arrival.


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Baby Zigi's power is already making itself known in the form of a Louis Tomlinson 'like'...

First they were bandmates, for a short while they were feuding, and these days they just tend to mind their own business, but Zayn and Louis have certainly been on a journey.

That is, until the birth of Zayn and Gigi's first born, which the 'Pillowtalk' singer announced on his Instagram with an incredibly sweet post.

To fans' delight, they spotted Louis Tomlinson dropping a like onto the post as a form of congratulations and this had led people to discuss the 'power' of baby Zigi just a few days into her life.

A fan wrote, "Zigi's baby really made zouis rise, I told yall she's powerful."

It's safe to say Directioners are in their feelings about the subtle but meaningful show of support from Louis, and a return of Zouis, which everyone has missed.

This person who is annoyed sleep exists...

One unlucky fan got caught in the wrong time zone and had to endure a night's sleep- only to wake up to find out baby Zigi had been welcome to the world.

Oh, and Zayn's 'PILLOWTALK' video hit 1 billion streams, so, they really didn't miss too much?!

They took to Twitter to vent their anger, saying: "WAIT WHAT ZIGI WAS BORN??? AND #PillowTalkTo1B HAPPENED? SEE, THIS IS WHY SLEEP IS ANNOYING AND THUS IRRELEVANT."


We also can't wait for 'Better', Zayn's first new music in what seems like forever, and what better week for him to release it?!


Everyone wondering if they can babysit the most iconic celeb baby of our time...

Zayn and Gigi's baby is already serving... nail envy?

In usual celeb fashion, the duo announced the arrival of their little girl with a photo of her tiny hand against there's, and one person, one they got over the shock of the whole announcement started to get jealous of her pretty perfect nails.

Can they be blamed?

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