Who Is Selling Sunset's Chrishell Dating? Relationship Details After Divorce Revealed

10 August 2020, 14:39 | Updated: 18 August 2022, 15:51

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Who is Chrishell from Selling Sunset dating now after her husband filed for divorce? Relationship rumours revealed as Justin Hartley moves on with actress.

Selling Sunset's Chrishell had the most dramatic storyline of series 3 of the Netflix show when her famous (ex) husband of two years, Justin Hartley, dumped her over text message and news of their divorce hit the headlines in 2019.

Heartbroken, but determined not to be defeated by the split, Chrishell, 39, is living her best life, but is she dating anyone now and has she been in a relationship since becoming separated?

The celebrity real estate agent has hinted to fans about where she's at with romance...

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Who is Chrishell Stause dating?

Who is Selling Sunset star Chrishell dating since her divorce?
Who is Selling Sunset star Chrishell dating since her divorce? Picture: Instagram @chrishell.stause/ Netflix Selling Sunset

As far as is known, Chrishell is single and has been so since her marriage came to an end, which isn't so surprising seeing as her long term relationship only came to an end recently.

Fans watched as she fled to a hotel and break down on screen after discovering her 'soul mate' was done with their marriage, however, fans know she's always had a wicked sense of humour and the reality star is already making light of her situation- at least on social media anyway!

Chrishell was married to This Is Us actor, Justin Hartley from 2017 until 2019 when the actor filed for divorce, letting his wife know through a text message and blindsiding her.

The 42-year-old has since been spotted kissing his former The Young and The Restless co-star, Sofia Pernas.

Chrishell reveals relationship status on Instagram

Chrishell revealed her current relationship status during Instagram Q&A when someone asked if she was 'dating someone new'- posting a screen shot of herself from a scene where she was waiting for a client in a house completely alone.

But hey- all those open houses and millionnaire clients, we're totally optimistic she'll pull a Christine and bag her dream man (and house?!) eventually.

Chrishell responds to a fan asking if she's dating anyone
Chrishell responds to a fan asking if she's dating anyone. Picture: Instagram @chrishell.stause

Chrishell hit out at tabloid for getting Justin Hartley's 'wrong ex wife'

A tabloid recently used an image of Chrishell whilst talking about Justin Hartley's ex-wife of eight years, Lindsay Hartley.

The star simply tweeted, "wrong wife' in what was a seriously sassy shut down and some sly shade Justin's way about his ever-growing list of exes.

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