Gemma Styles On Talking Mental Health With Family & Favourite Celeb Guest On 'Good Influence' Podcast

3 December 2020, 17:14 | Updated: 18 August 2022, 15:51

Gemma Styles talks mental health, celeb guests and family
Gemma Styles talks mental health, celeb guests and family. Picture: The Good Influence podcast/ Instagram @gemmastyles

Gemma Styles chatted to us about being kind to yourself, discussing mental health within her family and the chances of having Harry Styles on her podcast, 'Good Influence, with Gemma Styles', one day!

Gemma Styles dropped by to chat about a whole range of things including discussing mental health with family and her favourite ever celebrity guest on her recently launched podcast, Good Influence with Gemma Styles.

Aside from being the nicest person ever, Gemma, 30, gave a fantastic and deep insight into some of the topics she chats about on the podcast- and it's incredibly varied!

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Of course, we couldn't help but ask if mental health is something she discusses with her brother, Harry Styles, who has been an enormous advocate in many different ways.

For example, fans will know his tagline is 'Treat People With Kindness' and he recently told a soothing story for the CALM app which went down a storm.

Gemma said: "I think within any family, mental health is one of those topics that the more you talk about it, the more normal it becomes to talk about it?"

"So yes, aside from the fact that we’ve both spoken out publicly, it is a subject that has become easy to discuss in our family and I’m really grateful for that."

Gemma Styles started the 'Good Influence' podcast to carry on conversations she was having online
Gemma Styles started the 'Good Influence' podcast to carry on conversations she was having online. Picture: Getty

We asked Gemma about some of the pressures young people can feel today about feeling the need to be an expert on all topics, all the time.

Asking Gemma if she's felt this, she said:

"I do think that, absolutely, it’s a pressure that I’ve felt myself as well. The fact is that nobody can know everything, but if you’re open to information then that’s a good place to approach things from and you will pick up more than you think."

"If you’re not interested in what other people are saying then that’s going to be a problem - but if you start to feel completely overwhelmed by trying to learn everything all at once, that’s not helpful for you or anyone either."

"It’s not the ‘woke olympics’. You’re one person, just try your best."

There must be something in the Styles' DNA, because Gemma speaks with so much wisdom and clarity, we're wondering how this family became so perfect in so many ways?!

You can listen to Good Influence with Gemma Styles on the Global Player now!

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