Ariana Grande Tattoos From Hand 'Positions' Lotus Flower, Butterfly & Japanese Ink

30 October 2020, 10:49

Ariana Grande's 'Positions' era tattoos include a flower tattoo and butterflies
Ariana Grande's 'Positions' era tattoos include a flower tattoo and butterflies. Picture: Instagram @arianagrande

Ariana Grande teased her sixth album 'Positions' with a flower on her hand months ago and has added to her extensive collection.

Ariana Grande's tattoo collection is known for being extensive, personal and ever-changing, with the 'Positions' singer hinting at her upcoming sixth album months ago with a flower symbol inked on the palm of her hand.

So, let's go through some of the singer's latest inks, from her Japanese phrase to some of her hidden and symbolic tattoos we rarely get to see but she's been revealing through her latest promotional photos.

Ariana Grande Tattoo Guide: Positions Singer's Flower, Butterfly & Latest Inks

Hand flower

Ariana Grande shows off 'Positions' flower tattoo on her palm
Ariana Grande shows off 'Positions' flower tattoo on her palm. Picture: Instagram @arianagrande

When Ariana debuted her delicate hand tattoo during rehearsals for her and Lady Gaga's 'Rain On Me' performance at the 2020 VMAs, little did we know this was the singer's first tease her sixth album was on the way.

However, it may be the first time Ari had the lotus flower inked on her hand, but the 'shut up' singer has been using the symbol in her tweets and music videos for years now.

Some think her use of the flower is in honour of her late ex, Mac Miller, who had a lotus flower inked on his neck but this has never been confirmed.


First teasing the sketch of her butterfly tattoos at the 2019 Grammys, Ariana went to have them filled in and now proudly displays off the arm inks at most opportunities and fans absolutely love them.

They have come to be associated with her most recent era as she's only been showing them off in 2020 when she was secretly working on her record throughout lockdown!

Japanese 'fail' tattoo

Ariana Grande's 'incorrect' Japanese tattoo raised a few eyebrows
Ariana Grande's 'incorrect' Japanese tattoo raised a few eyebrows. Picture: Instagram @arianagrande

To celebrate her enormous hit '7 Rings' from her 'thank u, next' era, Ariana got the title of the track inked on her palm in Japanese, or so she thought.

Fans were quick to point out the phrase actually translated to 'tiny barbecue grill', leaving the singer mortified and trying to find a way to rectify the phrase.

Updating fans on her progress, she added a symbol to make it read right and expressed her thanks for everyone's 'guidance and correction'.

Ariana Grande corrects Japanese 'bbq grill' tattoo
Ariana Grande corrects Japanese 'bbq grill' tattoo. Picture: Ariana Grande instagram


She may have dozens of inks but many of them we barely ever see, as Ariana has admitted before, she rarely deviates from her usual outfit combination of an oversized jumper with knee high boots.

However, to kick off her 'Positions' era, she rocked a 60s inspired two piece which showed off not only her incredibly chiselled abs, but one of her earliest tattoos- her 'bellisima' ink.

Ari got the ink back in 2014 and has only revealed it a handful of times- so, it's good to check up and see she's still rocking it in 2020!

Another we rarely see, as like 'bellisima' it is on her rib cage, is the stencil ink of a leaf and we're glad she's decided to show if off to the world once again!

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