Watch The Moment Benson Boone Climbed Wembley Stadium For Fan At Capital's Summertime Ball

17 June 2024, 13:34 | Updated: 17 June 2024, 16:08

Benson Boone's iconic #CapitalSTB moments
Benson Boone's iconic #CapitalSTB moments. Picture: Shutterstock

By Abbie Reynolds

Benson Boone had the most iconic interaction with a fan at Capital's Summertime Ball and we can't get over it.

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We didn't think 'Beautiful Things' singer Benson Boone could get any cooler and then Capital's Summertime Ball rolls around and he blows us away with his effortlessly iconic behaviour.

It really did feel like this is Benson's world and we're just living in it as he literally flipped across the stage. Front flips, back flips, back handsprings - the lot - he did it all on stage at Wembley Stadium.

And even when he wasn't on stage he didn't stop being his charismatic self, as he dressed up in Capital crew wear and went incognito amongst the STB crowd.

Benson Boone spotted dressed in Capital crew wear
Benson Boone spotted dressed in Capital crew wear. Picture: Global

To be fair, he did look like he fitted in with the backstage workers as he was decked out head-to-toe, but that famous 'stache gave him away a little bit.

"When your only way to watch the festival was by working it," Benson wrote on his IG story the morning after over a pic of him loving life in the Summertime Ball crowd.

But before he got dressed up as part of the production team, he became our very own on-site Super Man.

Benson Boone flipping on stage at #CapitalSTB
Benson Boone flipping on stage at #CapitalSTB. Picture: Shutterstock

A fan in the stalls, sat above the players' tunnel, dropped their phone right by Benson and he didn't just pick it up and have it handed back to the fan.

Nope, he popped the phone in his back pocket and jumped - like Spider Man - up to the railings and hung off of them with one arm. With his free arm he grabbed the phone from his pocket and handed it over before jumping back down like a literal super human.

Don't believe us? Watch this clip:

Benson Boone spotted in sweet fan interaction

Like, that's definitely going down in Summertime Ball history. Alongside other moments from the show like Caity Baser riding onto stage on a bike and Meghan Trainor bringing her super supportive husband onto stage.

While on stage at Wembley, Benson performed his hits 'Slow It Down', 'Cry', 'Forever And Day' and 'Beautiful Things' to a crowd screaming every single word back to him.

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