DNCE, Little Mix, Nathan Sykes And More Demolishing The #CapitalJBB Ball Pool Is SO Satisfying To Watch!

6 December 2016, 07:28

#CapitalJBB Ball Pool

Just wait until you hear Jade screaming. LOL.

If you thought all of the cleaners at London's O2 Arena had it tough when they had to clear up Martin Garrix's confetti, then you clearly didn't see the aftermath of Dave Berry, George and Lilah's #CapitalJBB ball pool.

We set some of the ball's biggest stars the challenge of emptying the pool within ten seconds... And they didn't disappoint.

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From DNCE's incredibly well-thought out strategy, to Little Mix's Jade flailing with such ferocity that we think one of the balls may have actually smashed a nearby window, this could possibly be one of our favourite features of all time.

And if someone doesn't make a slow-mo GIF of Nathan booting them out of the pool, we'll be very, very, VERY disappointed.

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