Shawn Mendes Debuts New Beard And Moustache At Camila Cabello’s Birthday Party

4 March 2020, 11:28

Shawn Mendes is growing out his facial hair, and fans are loving it this time!

It’s usually the length of Shawn Mendescurly dark hair that causes a debate on social media, but this time there’s a new topic regarding the ‘Señorita’ singer’s features – his facial hair.

After joking in the past he could only grow a moustache, Shawn is seemingly growing out the rest of his facial hair after he arrived at girlfriend Camila Cabello’s Cinderella-themed, 23rd birthday party sporting some stubble.

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In a selfie of the couple shared on Twitter, Shawn can be seen with the faint outline of a beard and moustache.

Camila Cabello was surprised by boyfriend Shawn Mendes on her birthday
Camila Cabello was surprised by boyfriend Shawn Mendes on her birthday. Picture: Fra Fee/instagram

The fan who spotted the star’s new look wrote alongside the photo: “Okay Shawn, you want to grow your beard and you look beautiful as always but I want to see your baby face please, you’ll always be a baby @ShawnMendes.”

Shawn has joked in the past about his facial hair, tweeting in 2014: “When I shave my moustache (only facial hair I can grow) I always cut myself.”

He also tweeted in 2016: “Album two gave me a moustache.”

Shawn Mendes typically keeps his look clean-shaven
Shawn Mendes typically keeps his look clean-shaven. Picture: Getty

However, since then Shawn has remained mostly clean-shaven and baby smooth, sometimes growing his long locks for a more rugged appearance – something which has divided fans before.

This time around, fans are loving the moustache, with one person tweeting: “Shawn Mendes’ new beard is a serve, Camila is shaking.”

“Look @ShawnMendes as if you were thinking of leaving a beard.”

The 21-year-old flew to the UK to surprise his girlfriend with a birthday party in Blackpool, as the star is currently filming the live-action Disney remake of Cinderella.

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