Guys, Can We Talk About The Beef Between Selena And Chris Rock?!

Chris Rock and Selena Gomez

She's one of the most successful singers on the planet. He's one of the most critically-acclaimed comedians to date. So can you imagine the meltdown when he threw ALL the shade?!

You've seen Chris Rock deep in a bit of controversy - just take his ENTIRE Oscar hosting session, where he berated pretty much every single member of Hollywood. We could get on board with that; he was trying to ease the tension with light-hearted comedy. But this... This is something else.

> Justin Bieber Has Re-Followed Selena Gomez On Instagram & Social Media Has Lost Its Mind

The 'Madagascar' star posted on Twitter that Selena Gomez was the lesser version of Queen Bey... AND THEN A FEW DAYS LATER, REPSOSTED THE IMAGE FOR ANYONE WHO MISSED THE ORIGINAL!

Obviously, the #Selenators were out in full force to protect their girl!

Is anyone else hungry, 'cos here's a whole load of beef.

Chris Rock and Selena Gomez

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