Rita Ora Says Second Album Will Be More About "Heartbreak" Than Debut 'ORA'

13 September 2012, 08:07 | Updated: 13 September 2012, 08:20

The 'Party & BS (How We Do)' singer admits she has been doing through a heartbreak recently.

Rita Ora has suggested her second album will be more about heartbreak than her upbeat 2012 debut 'ORA'.

The 'R.I.P.' singer launched her first album last month but is already preparing to start work on album number two, and says she will be focusing more on her recent "heartbreak" for this second studio outing.

"This album ['ORA'], to me, was just about making people feel happy," Rita revealed to Rollacoaster magazine this month. "I wasn't going through any kind of heartbreak, so I didn't want to write about that.

"But in this next album, I am," the singer admitted. "I think I'm going through a heartbreak right now."

Despite repeated rumours linking her to Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Rob Kardashian, Rita insists she is still single and isn't looking for a relationship right now.

"It wouldn't be fair to be in a relationship," Rita explained. "I don't have any time. I wouldn't even want to do that to someone."

Check out a picture of 'Party & BS (How We Do)' singer Rita Ora below:

Rita launched 'ORA' back in the UK last month with a huge event in central London, before heading out to America to perform for Jay-Z's Made In America music festival in Pennsylvania.

Over the weekend the 21 year-old singer filmed the music video for her brand new single 'Shine Ya Light' out in her birth country of Kosovo.

Rita Ora has yet to announce an official release date for 'Shine Ya Light'.