Rihanna's Personal Trainer Reveals Singer's Fitness Secrets

9 May 2012, 17:50 | Updated: 9 May 2012, 17:53

The 'You Da One' star's trainer says he has her on a special program of short regular workouts to stay in shape.

Rihanna's toned figure is the result of a special short workout regime she does five days a week wherever she happens to be, according to the 'We Found Love' singer's personal trainer.

Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak has been working with the 'You Da One' star and has put Rihanna on a program which sees her workout for just 25 minutes a day five days of the week.

"I've put her on a special 25-minute workout that consists of five mini workouts, " the trainer told Grazia magazine this week. "She does it five days a week, wherever she is in the world. 

"It's easy for her to fit around her busy schedule and even her holidays," Harley explained, before revealing he also makes Rihanna wear a pedometer when possible. "I tell her to make sure she takes 10,000 steps a day."

The 'Talk That Talk' star is also on a special diet of five small meals a day rather than the usual three large meals, which helps keep her toned and in shape.

"If you allow yourself to have a day where you get to eat anything you like you'll stay on track the other six days," the personal trainer added. "That's the secret to a great body and it keep Rihanna happy." 

Rihanna recently showed off her toned physique on a holiday to Hawaii during a trip to promote her film debut in Battleship.

She is set to perform her new single 'Where Have You Been' on the American Idol final on Wednesday 23rd May.