Baskin Champion Went To Justin Bieber's House And Everyone Spotted The Same Thing

12 April 2018, 13:42 | Updated: 12 April 2018, 13:51

Justin Bieber Baskin Champion Asset

We have been hanging out really low key for a while now and we wonder if there is a major love triangle about to begin?

The mysterious blonde woman has once again been pictured hanging out at the Beebs' mansion, this time pulling up in a pair of jeans and a crop top for a day time meet up with the singer.

Picture: Splash News

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The pair reportedly hung out for a couple of hours before Baskin made her exit, only this time the model was photographed in pair of grey trackie bottoms.  

Picture: Backgrid

Could the just be really good friends or could there possibly be more of a romance blossoming?

Her name is Baskin Champion and she is a 22-year-old model who was introduced to Justin through her sister Abby who is in a relationship with Justin's good pal Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Justin has since been pictured attending the weekly church service that his very recent ex Selena Gomez was also at, and the two appeared to keep a very definite distance from one another. 

We can bet Selena was none too happy with those pics.

As the next chapter of the Jelena saga begins, its even more grown up than we could ever have imagined, welcome to: Chapter 5- Passive Aggressive Church Service Staring.

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