People Are Only Just Realising That Drake Was In Justin Bieber's Music Video For 'Baby'

20 April 2018, 16:14

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Yep, turns out people had no idea this was a thing!

After all these years, Justin Bieber's 'Baby' is still such a guilty pleasure for a lot of us. We've sung/screamed along to it thousands of times and it's got BILLIONS of views on YouTube.

But whilst we've watched it plenty of times and contributed to that hefty YouTube viewing figure, it turns out a lot of people have no idea that Drake is actually in the video!

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Just incase you missed that, yes, it's *actual* Drake:

Drake Justin Bieber Baby Music Video

If you're sat there absolutely baffled, you're not the only one...

Nor are you the only one wondering why you've only JUST realised this...

You're not the only person who can't quite believe it...

People literally just didn't know...

Same mate, same...

Now after you've had your moment of 'OMG IS THAT DRAKE?!', next comes a very important question...

Could this be a possible explanation?

It's also worth mentioning that Tinashe and Lil Twist also popped up at the bowling alley too...

Justin Bieber Baby Music Video So there we have it, one of the most disliked videos on YouTube not only features Justin Bieber but Drake as well.

Great work guy!

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Whilst you're here, check out what happened when Justin helped out with his mate's vlog...

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