Justin Bieber Is Already Planning His Funeral And It’s Pretty Much The Stuff Of Nightmares...

Justin Bieber Hologram Funeral

He may only be 22-year old, but the singing sensation has already got some pretty major (and slightly odd) plans for his own funeral!

When you're worth more money than you can possibly ever imagine - in the 'Cold Water' singer's case, over $200 million - there's only one way you could splash that cash... By planning the most elaborate funeral possible. (After all, what else did you really expect?)

Following how CRAZY 2016 has been with celebrity deaths, this has apparently startled Biebs, and he's got to work with his own funeral plans; planning what will happen for when that moment comes.

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According to sources, Justin is planning to have a headstone which plays videos of himself, and is - rather handily - powered by the sun. So if you ever get bored of watching him on YouTube, you could always pop down to the, erm... Local cemetery.

Justin Bieber F1 Grand Prix of Monaco

He's also planning on using the same technology that saw the likes of Michael Jackson and Tupac performing on stage recently, and creating a 3D hologram of himself, to carry on performing after his send-off!

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