Justin Bieber Fans Aren't Impressed With His New Torso Tattoo Which Legit Covers About A Third Of His Body

23 October 2017, 15:03

We just wanted another excuse to bust out some topless Justin Bieber GIFs, tbh.

Justin Bieber has revealed his newest tattoo and it’s quite something. 

And by something we mean massive. And by massive, we mean HUGE. 

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As in, it takes up about a third of his body. 

The singer took to Instagram to show off his new full-torso tattoo which took 26 hours! Bang Bang (the name of his tattoo artist, obviously) documented the entire process on his own Instagram, with one photo being taken half way through the process. 

The internet had a lot to say about Justin’s new ink, with mixed reactions from his fans.

This is basically a Justin Bieber classic...