YOU Could Be Dancing With Justin Bieber On Stage During His 'Purpose' Tour!



If you're anything like us, you were sweating, puffing and flailing everywhere when you saw you could dance alongside the 'Sorry' sensation... And all you have to do is this one easy thing!

We all love to get up close and personal with our favourite celebrities at concerts, don't we? Well, Bieber is taking it to WHOLE NEW LEVELS, by offering four fans A NIGHT to perform with him on stage.

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No, that's not a typo. You can literally dance alongside Justin during his 'Purpose' tour.

Justin Bieber The Brit Awards 2016 Live Performance

Nick Demoura, the tour’s creative director and choreographer, posted a video explaining how to enter - by mastering the steps to the 'Children' dance routine. It couldn't be simpler... For people without two left feet. (That rules us out then. Sigh.)

The only problem is, we're pretty sure it's only eligible to US residents. It's worth buying a flight out there, right?! Who's with us?

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