Justin Bieber Now Has A Face Tattoo That Says "Grace", Above His Eyebrow

2 January 2019, 07:01

Justin Bieber&squot;s face tattoo reads as "Grace"
Justin Bieber's face tattoo reads as "Grace". Picture: Getty (L); Instagram (R)

Justin Bieber recently got a tattoo, just above his eyebrow, which says "Grace" in cursive writing.

Two months ago, it was speculated that Justin Bieber got a tattoo on his face - to add to the collection of his many tatts. Now, the 'Sorry' singer's latest artwork has been revealed.

A tattoo artist, Jonathan Valena, uploaded a picture of Bieber to his Instagram, showing the word "Grace" inked above Justin's eyebrow.


"2018 was a lot of work for me. Both in tattooing and inner work I thought I would never have to face. So many times wanting to give up asking God to take me home.

"But then I’m reminded what my purpose in this world is through people like you who get tattooed by me and share your life of struggles, anxieties, lost love ones, memories and victories through these little tattoos that have some of the biggest meaning behind them," continued Jonathan, who also goes by the name of JonBoy.

It's not been confirmed whether or not Jonathan was behind the new ink, as other artists, including Bang Bang have discussed the tattoo previously.

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