WATCH: Which Member of Fifth Harmony Is Crushing On Bieber And Who Can't Stop Twerking!?

Ally, Normani, Dinah-Jane, Camila and Lauren all get probed by some of our favourite questions to ask. Expect twerking, gagging and some terrible, terrible beatboxing!

Fifth Harmony have many secrets to share... And we got down to the bottom of it! Who is the one who's got a major crush on the 'Sorry' sensation, Justin Bieber? And who can't stop from shaking her booty 24/7?

There's only one way to find out... Watch the five questions for the Fifth Harmony girls to get all the inside-gossip!


While Ally couldn't decide which of the 1D boys were her favourite, she knew IMMEDIATELY what her go-to party trick is. Could it possibly be shaking what her momma gave her?

Popstars Eat British Food... And We Don't Think They'll Come Back For Seconds!


When asked who Dinah-Jane preferred - Little Mix or Spice Girls - she got clever and opted for 'Little Girls'. But we got our own back when we fed her some of Britain's finest Marmite. Needless to say, she hated it. Or is that the face she made when we cottoned on she fancied Justin?


Is it Camila? Sure, she can sing and dance. Heck, we've even found out she can nail a British accent, but is she hoping that her UK-charms could help her woo the Canadian kid, Biebs?


Lauren admitted to us that carbohydrates are her guilty pleasure... But if you're eating all that bread, you'll have to burn it off one way or another. Maybe by TWERKING?!


We've all seen Normani in the music videos, and she can surely dance, but is twerking her thing? And is she twerking in the hope that it catches Justin's eye?!

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