WATCH: Ed Sheeran's Acoustic Duet With This Huge Star Will Make You Super Nostalgic

21 August 2018, 13:04

Ed Sheeran is no stranger to having a little sing along with famous faces, and his most recent jam sesh was with none other than legendary 'American Pie' singer Don McLean!

You know you've truly made it as an artist when Ed Sheeran invites you to a little sofa jam sesh with his trusty guitar, and the latest lucky musician in question is Don Mclean, singer of 'American Pie' and the song in this video, 'Vincent'.

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Performing as part of a charity concert in America, the songwriters crossed paths and decided to sing along to one of Mclean's biggest hits, 'Vincent' and the video makes us all kinds of nostalgic and reminds us why Ed is pretty much the GOAT (greatest of all time).

Don even took to Twitter to declare the 'honour' of performing with Ed, calling him 'one of the finest people I have met in this business'.

That's coming from one of the OG's!


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