Ed Sheeran 'Donates Over £1Million To Local Charities In Suffolk’ Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

15 April 2020, 11:39

Ed Sheeran 'wants to do what he can to help,' according to reports.
Ed Sheeran 'wants to do what he can to help,' according to reports. . Picture: PA

Ed Sheeran has donated over £1million to help those affected by coronavirus.

Ed Sheeran has reportedly donated over £1million to local charities in Suffolk amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to reports, the ‘I Don’t Care’ singer’s donations have gone toward several good causes in his home county, including a children’s hospital ward.

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A source said: “It is a horrible time and Ed wants to do what he can to help.

“He has split a seven-figure sum between local charities to try to ease the strain on his local community.

“Ed is very involved in the area and knows that his donations will make a massive difference.”

Ed is currently isolating with his wife Cherry Seaborn at their estate in Suffolk where the pair have been growing their own organic fruit and veg.

A source told a tabloid: “They are both passionate about organic food and in these troubled times it's nice to know they can get produce straight from the garden.

“Ed spends hours out there tending all his crops, it is a simple pleasure for him away from the madness of the music world.”

Along with giving money to charity, Ed is also reportedly continuing to pay staff members who work at his London restaurant, Bertie Blossoms, despite it being closed due to COVID-19.

A source told a tabloid: “Ed's told everyone not to worry and that he's picking up the tab and he'll see them all again for a massive p*ss-up once the world gets back to normal.

“Ed even told staff they could go out and seek other employment if they wanted or go help the nation by doing voluntary work.”

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