What Does 'H2GKMO' Mean? Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Just Got ANOTHER Matching Tattoo

20 June 2018, 13:43

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Ariana got 'H2GKMO' tattooed on her hand, but what does it mean?

Hello and welcome back to Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson watch. Everyone's favourite new couple have been doing well, you'll be pleased to know. Thanks to Instagram, we know that the pair have now moved in together and have been shopping for rugs. They've also gone and got ANOTHER matching tattoo - but no one quite knows what it means.

Ariana Grande Tattoo h2gkmo
Picture: @ArianaGrande/Instagram

Ariana, Pete and a few of their friends hit the tattoo parlour for a little ink and emerged a few hours later with an assortment of random numbers and letters written on their hands. They shared pics of the new tat on Instagram and while that's not Pete's hand in the video, he was tagged in the video and was also spotted getting inked at the same tattoo parlour with Ariana.

The squad's tattoo reads: 'H2GKMO' but while they might seem random to the rest of the world, there's actually a meaning behind the whole thing - and the clue lies on Ariana's Twitter.

'H2GKMO' actually stands for 'honest to God, knock me out' which is a phrase Ariana has used on Twitter many many many times - and apparently says 300 times a day.

Pete now has four tattoos that are Ariana-inspired. He's got a cloud on his finger, the Dangerous Woman bunny mask on his neck, her initials on his knuckle and now, her iconic acronym 'h2gkmo'.

u know what you’d dream it be like ? it’s better than that

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Honest to God, you two... knock me out with ya cuteness.