Ariana Grande Sends Kim & Khloe Kardashian Personalised ‘Thank U, Next’ Perfume Burn Books

13 November 2019, 17:15

Ariana Grande has stuck to her Mean Girls theme for the fragrance
Ariana Grande has stuck to her Mean Girls theme for the fragrance. Picture: Instagram

Ariana Grande has sent out personalised perfume packages to the Kardashian sisters.

Ariana Grande has been promoting her new ‘Thank U, Next’ fragrance in the most Mean Girls-esque way possible after sending out customised burn books with her perfume bottle.

Having sent the packages to numerous stars, Kim Kardashian and her sister, Khloe, were just some of the lucky receivers.

The detailed burn books show a picture of Ari on the left page, accompanied by the words ‘Thank U, Next’, and a small envelope with the ‘7 Rings’ singer’s autograph on it.

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The broken-heart shaped perfume bottle fits into the cut-out on the right page and fans took to social media to ask the Halloween queen for the same packaging with their purchases.

One wrote: “The way kim got the perfume in a customised burn book. ARIANA SELL THIS AS MERCH I WANT ONE [sic].”

“Ummm excuse me @ArianaGrande where is my Thank U Next burn book with the perfume? I need one,” another added.

Ari’s latest fragrance was named after the self-titled break-up song and she followed the most iconic themes of chick-flicks: Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, Bring It On and 13 Going On 30.

Kim Kardashian showed off her 'Thank U, Next' care package
Kim Kardashian showed off her 'Thank U, Next' care package. Picture: Instagram

The 26 year old, who has just wrapped up her Sweetener Tour, recently penned an emotional post thanking her fans and friends for their support during the emotional year she had after the track dropped.

As it had been the song’s one-year anniversary, she said: “I can’t believe how many sessions w my therapist I’ve had, how many times I’ve sung this song, how much I’ve learned and healed, how much I still have to learn and heal.”

Khloe Kardashian was sent Ariana Grande's latest fragrance
Khloe Kardashian was sent Ariana Grande's latest fragrance. Picture: Instagram

“It’s been one hell of a productive, emotional, wild and yet… happy! Year. Thankful for my babies who have provided me with endless strength, energy and inspiration… and to my friends who have held me together on the road and at home. I’m sure they’re just as exhausted.”

She went on to say she still doesn’t know anything about love but her heart ‘feels good’.

As long as Ari is happy so are we!

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