Ariana Grande Drops Major Clue That She & Taylor Swift Have A Song On The Way

29 July 2019, 12:39

Ariana Grande hints she and Taylor Swift may have collaborated
Ariana Grande hints she and Taylor Swift may have collaborated. Picture: Instagram @TaylorSwift/ Getty Images

Fans have spotted some serious clues that Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift have a new track coming and honestly, we're kind of convinced.

Ariana Grande has sent fans into meltdown whilst dropping some serious hints that she has a collaboration with Taylor Swift in the works, after posting a bow and arrow emoji to her Instagram page, the same as Taylor has been doing for her latest track 'The Archer.'

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Posting a snap to her Instagram page, Ariana wrote nothing in the caption apart from the crossbow emoji, a symbol Taylor has adopted in the past week to tell fans about her latest track 'The Archer', the timing is certainly suspicious for the '7 Rings' singer to use the very same image.

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Ari reportedly also posted an image of a cat with the caption "excited and ily", then cryptically deleting it, leaving fans wondering what she is hinting at.

Everyone who knows Taylor know she's obsessed with cats, has them as pets and is also set to star in the upcoming remake of the iconic musical, Cats.

Tay Tay has recently been speaking about how much she's using 'easter eggs', AKA hidden clues and messages to tease her new album, Lover, so if there is a collab on the way, it wouldn't be surprising to see Ari getting in on the teasing action.

We already know that Ariana has a huge collab on the way with Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey for the newest Charlie's Angel film set for release this year, with her and Miley fan-girling all over each other as of late, so the singer is definitely making new music and up for some A-lister collabs.

As for Taylor, she has her seventh studio album about to drop and is yet to reveal much information about it, so could we be in for one of the biggest collabs of the year?

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