Taylor Swift's Latest Track 'Archer' Has Surprised Fans & Has Everyone In Their Feelings

25 July 2019, 15:22

Taylor Swift takes everyone by surprise with release of 'Archer'
Taylor Swift takes everyone by surprise with release of 'Archer'. Picture: Getty Images

Taylor Swift released another track from her upcoming album and took fans by surprise by the vulnerable and honest lyrics.

Taylor Swift dropped 'The Archer' from her upcoming seventh studio album, taking fans by surprise with the new track as it's a completely different tone to the upbeat 'ME!' and 'You Need To Calm Down' which people assumed would be the theme of 'Lover' and people are absolutely loving it.

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Fans are obsessed with Taylor's latest track 'The Archer'
Fans are obsessed with Taylor's latest track 'The Archer'. Picture: Twitter @breathejinny

The star announced she was releasing the track- but not as a single- during an Instagram live, wearing an Archer necklace, which is also the symbol of her star sign, Sagittarius.

Fans took to Twitter to praise the singer for the emotional and relatable song that they weren't exactly expecting, with one twitter user writing "am i crying because the archer is so relatable and painful or am i crying because taylor swift was sad who knows" and another saying "TAYLOR SWIFT JUST WRECKED MY HEART WITH THE ARCHER. SHE DID THAT. ONCE AGAIN."

Her unreleased album is even appearing in charts before it has even been released, which really reveals the true power of her music and her fandom, who are loving the messages and clue she's been hiding in her music recently.

Lyrics from the new track reveal Taylor struggling with self-sabotaging behaviour whilst in a relationship, and people have been relating to the song all over the place.

The chorus includes sees Taylor singing: "I've been the archer, I've been the prey/ Who could ever leave me, darling/ But who could stay?"

The singer also revealed today that she is going to be hiding exerts from diaries she's been writing since she was 13 years old in a few copies of her deluxe album, which is the most Taylor thing ever, and something we know will excite her fans beyond measure.

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